The Future of the Mobile Experience

Location-based mobile apps are predominately the main option for local business and even national brands.  There are gameification apps such as Foursquare and brand developed apps such as Safeway’s Just for U.  Almost all of these rely on GPS/Geo-Fencing to deliver targeted mobile offers.  There are a few reasons why I believe GPS apps will struggle in this ever evolving mobile world.

1.  More and more people are leery of being tracked via GPS.  The first question asked when downloading an app is “Can we track you via GPS”?  I believe more and more consumers are answering “NO” and some even have GPS turned off.

2. HTML5 and mobile web will be able to deliver much of the functionality that made apps desirable.

3.  App-athy, app retention is very low.  If you download an app today, the chance of you still using it 6-months from now is 14%.  The mobile experience needs to be automatic.

What is your prediction?


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