What Makes Shopping Center Merchants Happy?

First of all, I applaud all you shopping center marketing directors and GMs that have to endure merchant meetings.

I have attended more than I can count and have figured out one thing.  If the merchants are happy, they don’t show up…..and if they are angry, you better plan for standing room only.    If you want to turn around an angry crowd of merchants, listen-up!

BE INNOVATIVE!  If events have low attendance, try a different type of event.  If direct mail is no longer effective, allocate those funds to social media and/or mobile.  Trust me, the merchants will appreciate the effort.  It amazes me that almost no shopping centers have a mobile website.  Do you realize over 50% of online searches are now made from a mobile device?

Just look around your center and count how many shoppers are engaged with their mobile device.  Then………….ask yourself to define your mobile strategy?  If you answer is, “don’t have one”.  Put out some extra chairs for your next merchant meeting!



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